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Unique Lighting Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

By The Mind of An Architect | December 05, 2022 | Architecture  

Lighting Interior Designng in Delhi

If you choose your lighting design carefully, it can add to the atmosphere and beauty of your home. Lights give your space depth and help draw attention to specific areas and pieces of decor. Also, stylish light fixtures can add to your home's decor in other ways. There are many different ways to design home lighting these days. Before you choose one option for your home, make sure you know about the different types of light designs, the latest lighting trends, and how to design places with lights to light up your home. Here is a guide.  

How to light a living room


The best place for the chandelier is in the living room, which should be in the middle. So, the chandelier will be able to light up your whole hall evenly. Chandeliers will look good in your home and do more than give off light. The Sixth Element can help you if you need help finding the right chandelier for your living room.  

They can advise whether a modern metal chandelier or a traditional crystal one would be more suitable for your home. The experts can help you figure out how to use the chandelier's dimmer switches to change how the light looks.  

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are the best choice if you need a lot of light in a specific part of your living room. There are many different shapes and sizes of floor lamps, so you can choose one that fits in with the rest of your living room. A wide variety of high-end forms available nowadays may transform even the plainest living space into an elegant one.  

Floor lamps are more convenient for residential Interior design in Delhi because they can be placed anywhere in the living room and relocated whenever you feel like giving your area a new look. Floor lamps are easier to add to your home because you can put them anywhere in your living room and move them when you want to change how your home looks. Get a floor lamp if you add charm to your living room or any other room.  

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is best for the living room because it lets you light up the part of the room you need to see. Most of the light from these fixtures comes from fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen bulbs. You can use dimmers to make the lights in the living room brighter or dimmer, which can instantly change the room's mood. You can try out recessed lighting in the ground or on the wall. Keep recessed lights close together and rows down the middle of the room. It makes the living room stand out and lights up the whole room.  

Ideas for how to light your kitchen

Under-cabinet lights

A thoughtful way to light up your kitchen is to use LED lights. This LED lighting helps to light up the kitchen countertop, which is the space under the cabinets. This makes it easier for you to do your kitchen chores. Installing lighting under your cabinets will change the look of your kitchen. The light from above will be joined by light from under the cabinets. It helps people in the kitchen pay attention to the work area. It can have a modern feel depending on what kind of lighting you put in your kitchen. Adding under-cabinet lights can give your kitchen a stylish look.  

Pendant lights

Pendant lights that hang from the ceiling are a great way to light up a kitchen. They are great for lighting up a specific kitchen area that gets the most use, like the dining table. For pendant lights, reaching the correct height is an important step. Rule of thumb: the larger the room that needs lighting, the larger the pendant lamp should be. If you want to spruce up your sink's dcor, try hanging a tiny pendant light above it.  

Ideas for your bedroom light

Bedside lamps

If you like to read in bed until you fall asleep, you should get a bedside lamp. This could be a floor lamp, one attached to the wall, or a table lamp that you can put on a small bedside table. You can also use a dimmer to lessen the brightness of these lamps. This will make them less harsh. Make sure to pick a bedside lamp that is the right size. Instead, hire best interior designers in Delhi. You can also use coloured lampshades to make your bedroom look more expensive.  

Bedroom Chandelier

Adding a chandelier to a bedroom is a simple way to upgrade the space while making a bold aesthetic statement. Once reserved mainly for formal dining rooms, bedrooms are today a perfectly acceptable location for a chandelier. Interior designer likes to keep up with the latest trends, so using a chandelier is the perfect way to improve the lighting in your bedroom.  

Most people make the mistake of choosing a bedroom chandelier that is too small for the room. The chandelier should match the furniture that is under it. Interior designers will select a large chandelier for a space to ensure that doesn't happen.  

These are different ways to light your home and make it look great. The proper lighting can make or break a room. If it's done right, it can help your interiors shine, but if it's done without any planning, it can take away your home's charm.  

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