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Top 6 Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

By The Mind of An Architect | Agust 25, 2022 | Architecture

Interior Designer in Delhi

Sometimes we have to settle for a smaller apartment for whatever reason. A larger apartment comes at a higher price or is unnecessary if you're going to be living there alone. However, being confined to a small area doesn't inevitably mean that we have to forego our creative juices or breathe in unhealthy air.  

We can make it appear more significant if we put money into a couple of different things that give the impression of more space. We can avoid buying some of these necessities by getting rid of the things we no longer need and rearranging the furniture. Need some ideas for something to do in your new digs? Keep on reading.  

Open the way

A room will look smaller if furniture and decor are blocking the windows. You can make the room more spacious by rearranging the furniture, so it no longer blocks doorways or hallways. Large, tall pieces are better suited for placement along a wall than in the open. An ottoman, an armless open chair, or a low table are all good options. The room will appear more significant if the floor can be seen.  

Use Crystal and Lucite

Using transparent materials makes the background recede in apparent size. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, you may want to consider replacing the existing shower enclosure with a clear, frameless one. A more considerable impression is created, although the room's dimensions have not changed. Even though it's only an extra three feet, seeing the wall at the back of the shower is a vast improvement. Table tops can also be made of glass or Lucite. Clearing the area around a table with a stone, metal, or wood base will allow for better sight lines. If you hire Interior designer in Delhi, it will be a great help for your interior.  

Embellish with Mirrors

To increase the amount of light in a room and create the impression that it is larger and more open, designers often recommend using light-coloured paints and reflective surfaces. Unlike matt finishes, which absorb light and make a room feel darker, soft-sheen colors have a subtle luster that reflects light. Similarly, a bedroom with lots of shiny surfaces, glass, and mirrored furniture will reflect more light, making the space more open and airier.  

Adding mirrors to a bedroom is a quick and easy way to make the room feel larger. You can make your room feel more open and airier by placing a mirror opposite a window and decorating it with light colors.  

Furnishings that fill a space

If your living space is limited, it's best to make a bold statement with just one large piece of furniture. In addition to making better use of the available space, this arrangement also looks fantastic. A good piece of advice regarding furniture and limited square footage is to look for a sofa that can be quickly transformed into a bed. This will allow you to maximize the limited square footage of a studio or one-bedroom apartment.  

Align window coverings with the wall color

Curtains, drapes, and blinds in the same color as the bedroom walls are another visual trick used by interior designers to create the illusion of a larger space in a smaller bedroom. A single, consistent color across the room makes the windows and walls appear one, leading the eye to travel across the room and giving the impression of more space than is present.  

Minor adjustments to your bedroom's decor can have a significant impact. Though curtains add a touch of elegance to a room, they are better replaced with blinds in a cramped studio apartment. By concealing the window frame, blinds give the illusion of greater height and, by clearing the area on either side of the window, give the impression of more interior space. Architect firm in Delhi is a great option to make your home a luxury one.  

Choose dark colors to contrast the lack of space

The use of pale flooring and soft, muted tones, similar to those used on walls, is another way to effectively increase the illusion of space in a small bedroom or living room. Flooring with a dark color absorbs light, making the room feel smaller and darker, while flooring with a lighter color reflects light, making the room feel larger and brighter.  

The same goes for small bedrooms: intricate patterns, strip wood floors, and tiny tiles should all be avoided. Instead, go for soothing solids or large-format planks and tiles to ensure the eye isn't pulled in a million directions.  

Lighten up the wood flooring if you want to give your room the impression of more space. Using larger boards will also help make a room look bigger; the fewer visible joins between planks make the floor look less busy and distracting, and the wider boards take up more floor space, so they go in more quickly.  

When decorating a small room, you may feel frustrated by the lack of available square footage. However, there are many advantages to working with a smaller room, including the fact that it is less challenging to clean, organize, and beautify. Using these easy tricks, you can make a small room look much larger without spending a fortune or else you can contact THE SIXTH ELEMENT for any help.  

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