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The Sixth Element - One of the Top Architecture Firms in Delhi

Founded by Mr. Saumitra Agarwal (Architect Consultant), The Sixth Element (Huda Approved Architects) is Delhi’s leading architectural firm offering premium interior and exterior designing solutions. We provide practical designing solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces that never fail to catch one’s eye. Our team, comprising of Delhi’s top architecture firm, executes every plan with beauty and innovation, keeping in mind the clients’ every need. We strive to offer each of our clients a unique architectural solution by converting their ideas into reality.

The Sixth Element addresses contextual approaches and fundamentals with intense programming and localized skills & technologies. We have completed various projects, including corporates, banks, offices, hotels, spas, nightclubs, furniture shops, paying guest house, clinic, builder floor, home designs, nursing home, coworking space, MNC Company, modern house design architect etc. with dedication and commitment. We take pride in being an architectural company near me in Delhi that serves MNC Companies, along with industrial, commercial, and residential clients.

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Each project we undertake is executed with strategy and innovation. It involves a process that takes on a character uniquely suited to each client, reflecting our company’s essence.

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The Sixth Elements Architecture Company understand and value the development value of planning permission with context-sensitive, socially responsive, and culturally relevant architecture office in Delhi. Along with that, our projects provide an environment that helps users thrive. Moreover, our office architect designs are not just functional and adequately equipped; they are also inspirational. They actively help to attract and retain talent, inspiring productivity, and encouraging collaboration. Our work adds a premium return on any development investment while being mindful of budget and boosting viability.


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at The Sixth Element Design Firm, We persist in dialogue until a ‘new normal’ takes form, exceeding our imaginations of Residential Building. Each residence produced through this process takes on a character uniquely suited to the client who commissions it. We believe that these residences also contain a universal value for the reassessment and development of architecture as a whole.


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Any thriving industry treads a fine line between viability and being properly efficient to its intended market. It needs to function well and meet the long-term needs of the people. It also needs to add a valuable amenity to the local community. We find that the bespoke design properly allows our clients to do more without tipping this difficult balance. We use the fact that projects are cost-sensitive, margins narrow, and timescales tight as the grit in the oyster for value-added design in industrial area delhi.

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Saumitra Agarwal Best Architects in Delhi

Ar. Saumitra Agarwal

Founder & Principal architect

Ar. Saumitra Agarwal, Founder & Principal architect of The Sixth Element Architecture and Design Studio, is an architect, educationist and entrepreneur with a passion and expertise in architecture & interior design. A graduate of VNIT, Nagpur, Saumitra has over 20 years of experience in designing design and product design.

About Saumitra Agarwal

Anurag panday Best Architects in Delhi

Ar. Anurag Pandey


He specializes in projects of all scales, thinking of innovative ideas and space planning designs that are unique to our brand.His humour brings a vibrant energy in the studio.

Amisha-sood Best Architects in Delhi

Ar. Amisha Sood


She is an artist at heart.She is inclined towards Sustainable architecture, with a focus on integration of nature and ecology into the built environment.

Divyanshi Chaturvedi Best Architects in Delhi

Divyanshi Chaturvedi


Her affable personality and critical thinking is always refreshing to work with. She turns challenges into learning experiences with her imagination and love for exploring something new.

Rashmi shrivastava Best Architects in Delhi

Ar.Rashmi shrivastava


She is ardent about art and architecture.Her creative yet practical approach towards design is what makes her an aspiring architect.

Kratika Paharia Best Architects in Delhi

Ar. Kratika Paharia


A Senior architect in the Team who craves for challenges and opportunities outside her comfort zone. She has a wide domain of experience in residential interiors and a strong eye for detail.

Kanika sanon Best Architects in Delhi

Ar. Kanika Sanon


She is driven to create aesthetical spaces that provide a sense of comfort and happiness. She strives to complete all tasks with absolute dedication and precision.

Prahlad Kumar Jha Best Architects in Delhi

Ar. Prahalad Jha

Accounts Manager

Graduate from Delhi University and post graduate from IGNOU, Delhi.Experience of more than 15 year

Piyush Sharma Best Architects in Delhi

Ar. Piyush Sharma


He is energetic and ambitious. He has an analytical mind and prefers to have practical learning experiences. He believes that hard work and smart work goes hand in hand.

Rupa Mathew Best Architects in Delhi

Ar. Rupa Mathew


Her belief is that architecture is not merely about creation ,but about research as well. It's also fascinating how architecture and her interest in fashion share the same language of shape and form.

Vinita Thakur Best Architects in Delhi

Vinita Thakur


She is an enthusiastic learner. She can be seen using various modes of illustration and switching between different softwares as she searches for new ways to express her ideas.


School Architect Gurgaon

School Building Architects in Gurgaon

SCHOOL Gurgaon (Haryana)
STATUS Completed
SITE AREA 93,785 sq.ft.
BUILT-UP AREA 47,360 sq.ft.


The project was to transform the existing shell of the school facade into a more modernize facade that stands out alone in the region. It involved a lot of improvisations...Read More

A. The Sixth Element, architects in gurgaon who prepare engineering drawing of house. Our team at the Sixth Element tries to understand your lifestyle and aspirations in detail and then identify the feel of the space you are seeking. The designs are made basis this. The costs of the designs are directly proportional to the amount of time the team needs to invest. The cost is also dependent on the size of your space. We generally charge a design fee basis a per square foot area depending on the intensity of time required. Hence, there is a range of cost possibilities that can be worked out basis your requirements and budget.
A. We can offer you 2 types of solutions in regard to the designs of the projects. One option is when we understand your lifestyle and aspirations and create the master design in accordance with that and deliver the feel of the space you are seeking in our designs. There is no other detailing that is provided beyond this The second options are when we create the above master design and provide end to end detailed drawings including electrical, plumbing and all other aspects of the design. These detailed drawings are a complete package that will tightly control your design and ensure the desired functionality of your space
A. We have completed over 350 projects till now all across the country. The projects range from Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and various other specialty verticals such as Healthcare and Hospitality.
A. Yes, we do both design and build. We have undertaken multiple turnkey projects and executed them successfully all over the country. The Sixth Element team will be happy to discuss and assist in providing end-to-end solutions to you. This format ensures that your dream designs are executed in exactly the way the designs are created – delivering your dream space!

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