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The five elements that represent the foundation of nature.

Italian Trulli


Italian Trulli


Italian Trulli


Italian Trulli


Italian Trulli


We believe there is a Sixth Element – the distinct atmosphere around the space, the vibe or the soul of a place. Our designs bring that to life!

The Sixth Element, headquartered in Gurgaon, is a versatile design practice whose work seamlessly weaves the five elements of nature and also brings alive the unique dimension of your and/or your organization’s individuality and aspirations, capturing the soul of the place. We conceptualize and build interior and exterior spaces, both commercial and residential and have the best team that delivers large architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture details.
Delhi based principal architect of the firm takes a deeply professional approach to its work and combines this with a strong focus on the top tactile and sensory qualities of the space. The design process is famous for looking at sustainability through the multiple lenses of cultural, social and environmental impact. There is an active engagement in integrating localized skills and resources with state of the art materials and technologies.


To nest the Genius Loci of design for future habitats, not just into the geometrical arrangement of spaces but into the cycle of natural resources and energies.


Redefine excellence in the built environment by advocating responsible architecture and bringing joy to the human experience.


saumitra Agarwal

Ar. Saumitra Agarwal

Founder & Principal architect

Ar. Saumitra Agarwal, Founder & Principal architect of The Sixth Element Architecture and Design Studio, is an architect, educationist and entrepreneur with a passion and expertise in architecture & interior design. A graduate of VNIT, Nagpur, Saumitra has over 20 years of experience in designing residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, healthcare and retail spaces, along with exhibition design and product design.


Ar. Amisha Sood


She is an artist at heart.She is inclined towards Sustainable architecture, with a focus on integration of nature and ecology into the built environment.

Divyanshi Chaturvedi

Divyanshi Chaturvedi


Her affable personality and critical thinking is always refreshing to work with. She turns challenges into learning experiences with her imagination and love for exploring something new.

Ar.Rashmi shrivastava

Ar.Rashmi shrivastava


She is ardent about art and architecture.Her creative yet practical approach towards design is what makes her an aspiring architect.

Kratika Paharia

Ar. Kratika Paharia


A Senior architect in the Team who craves for challenges and opportunities outside her comfort zone. She has a wide domain of experience in residential interiors and a strong eye for detail.

Kanika sanon

Ar. Kanika Sanon


She is driven to create aesthetical spaces that provide a sense of comfort and happiness. She strives to complete all tasks with absolute dedication and precision.

Prahlad Kumar Jha

Mr. Prahalad Jha

Accounts Manager

Graduate from Delhi University and post graduate from IGNOU, Delhi.Experience of more than 15 year

Rupa Mathew

Ar. Rupa Mathew


Her belief is that architecture is not merely about creation ,but about research as well. It's also fascinating how architecture and her interest in fashion share the same language of shape and form.

Vinita Thakur

Vinita Thakur


She is an enthusiastic learner. She can be seen using various modes of illustration and switching between different softwares as she searches for new ways to express her ideas.

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