The five elements that represent the foundation of nature.






We believe there is a Sixth Element – the distinct atmosphere around the space, the vibe or the soul of a place. Our designs bring that to life!


The Sixth Element, headquartered in Gurgaon, is a versatile design practice whose work seamlessly weaves the five elements of nature and also brings alive the unique dimension of your and/or your organization’s individuality and aspirations, capturing the soul of the place. We conceptualize and build interior and exterior spaces, both commercial and residential and have the best team that delivers large architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture details.

Delhi based principal architect of the firm takes a deeply professional approach to its work and combines this with a strong focus on the top tactile and sensory qualities of the space. The design process is famous for looking at sustainability through the multiple lenses of cultural, social and environmental impact. There is an active engagement in integrating localized skills and resources with state of the art materials and technologies.



To nest the Genius Loci of design for future habitats, not just into the geometrical arrangement of spaces but into the cycle of natural resources and energies


Redefine excellence in the built environment by advocating responsible architecture and bringing joy to the human experience.


Saumitra Agarwal

Founder & Ceo

An architect, educationist and serial entrepreneur – his passion for space design is not limited to building or interior design. A graduate of VNIT, Nagpur, Saumitra has spent 17 years designing commercial, industrial, hospitality, healthcare and retail spaces along with some leading exhibitions and products. His passion for design and architecture led him to write the course content for The Amity School of Design Curriculum as well.

In January 2017, he was awarded the ET Now Estate Award for sustainable design in commercial spaces, for the office of Kiwi Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. 

  • REsidential Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Industrial Management

Harish Chandani

Principal Architect

Heading the Nagpur office, Harish is an established and renowned architect who has successfully led multiple projects across diverse industries. He has spent over 18 years designing various commercial and urban development projects. He has undertaken several government projects and worked through the complexities to deliver large scale projects of great magnitude and impact.

  • Industrial Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Urban Development

Rashmi Srivastava

Senior Architect

Educated in Nagpur, Rashmi is a leading architect with a rich experience of 16 years. She has extensively worked across verticals such as banking and retail leading memorable design projects. In addition, she has led several urban development projects and delivered them seamlessly.

  • Urban Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Residential Design

Mrinali Gaurav


She has diverse experience of leading design and managing commercial, industrial and residential projects. Innovation in design and financial responsibility are core to her skill sets and she seamlessly weaves that into every project. Her attention to detail makes every project come alive with utmost perfection.

  • REsidential Design
  • Interior design
  • Commercial Design

Maansi Gupta

Business Lead

An MBA from INSEAD Business School, she brings with her over 13 years of experience in marketing & sales. She has worked with varied industry verticals across leading corporates. That enriching experience supplemented with her last stint of turning around a restaurant chain has given her diversity in thought and depth in action.

Madhuri Saha

Cost and Project Management Consultant

Madhuri Saha, Managing Director, IM Cost Management Private Limited, a leading cost and project management consulting firm has over 16 years of experience in this field. She has successfully led consulting projects for quantity surveyors, engineers and  technical auditors involved in the field of hospitality, hospitals, housing, retail and large  commercial projects including interior fit-outs works stretching from conceptual stage to financial closure of the projects.

  • Quantity Survey
  • Cost and Project Management
  • Post Contract Audit

Ajay Aggarwal

Structural Consultant

Ajay Agarwal, CEO Agcon Engineers Private Limited, a structural and infra-structural engineering consulting firm has over 20 years of experience in the field of civil engineering construction and structural design. He specializes in providing structural engineering consultancy to mid-rise and high-rise RC buildings for residential, commercial, retail, education, sports, hospital and various sectors. He also has expertise in leading integrated deliveries on Indian and International projects for developers and consultants through implementation of technology.

  • RC buildings
  • Industrial steel buildings
  • PEB structures
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