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Incredible Living Room Design Ideas

By The Mind of An Architect | January16, 2023 | Architecture

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It's essential to know how to set up a living room. After all, living rooms are the heart of our homes, whether that's literally or not. Every family member uses these rooms daily, and we also invite friends and family into them.

Even though living rooms don't have to be as perfect as kitchens in design, they serve as both a family room and a place to host guests, and we spend a lot of time in them, which means that they still need careful design.

When thinking of living room ideas, you must consider the layout, the furniture, the floor, and the decorations. This will help you make a comfortable, intimate, welcoming, helpful, and long-lasting room.

Colour Can Set the Mood

Your guests' feelings in your living room will depend on your chosen colours. Colours can make a room feel more energetic or calm depending on how bright, warm, or cool they are.

This large living room's soft blue and white colour scheme makes it feel calm, relaxed and collected. It's an excellent place for elegant gatherings. A light tan carpet balances the cool tones on the floor. You can take help from Architecture in Gurgaon.

The walls and ceilings need to be finished

Because the living room is a public space, the walls tend to be more elaborate or formal than in other rooms. Choose wallcoverings or treatments that match your style to make it a warm room that shows who you are.

The walls of this room have a chic print on the wallpaper. The effect gives the warmth and texture of the walls and makes them look old.

Architectural trim work adds personality to a building

Trimwork is helpful because it covers the joint between the floor and ceiling and the wall, and it reinforces the framework around any apertures in the wall. But these things are also lovely to look at. Trimwork helps give your home a unique look, whether classical, modern, old-world, or regional.

This whitewashed living room has a sense of place thanks to the door and window sills that stick out, the deep cornice, and the panelled and beamed vaulted ceiling. Interior designer in Gurgaon will help you to design your living room.

Choose flooring that looks good and feels good

Since the living room is a public space, choose a floor covering that is comfortable to walk on and makes a design statement. This bright floor-to-ceiling carpet is the base for a sophisticated mix of florals and stripes.

If you want a floor that could be bold, choose a solid neutral floor that lets the furniture or art stand out. Hardwood with area rugs is a common choice for living room floors, but other options include stone tile, ceramic tile, and whole carpeting.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point gives the living room a sense of place and draws you in. A fireplace is a natural focal point because it represents home and hearth, but the TV is the absolute centre of attention in most living rooms. Put them together so they won't fight. The focal point of a room can also be a beautiful view or a stunning piece of art.

This living room has a simple and stylish look, and the fireplace is the focal point.

Set up the furniture so people can talk

Living rooms are places where people gather, so arrange the furniture to encourage conversation and interaction. Move the seats away from the walls and turn them around, so they face each other.

If your living room is big, divide it into two informal groups to make it feel more cosy and close. Chairs and ottomans that can be pulled into the group as needed make it possible to increase the group size without losing the feeling of closeness.

Plan for Lights that Invite

The lighting in the living room should be set up to make people feel comfortable and at ease. Aim for layers of light, and place your light sources so that they roughly form a triangle. This will make sure that the light is spread out well.

People will be more likely to sit down and relax if their table lamps shine a light down. The overlapping arcs light up the seats instead of the walls above them, telling people to sit down.

Dress the Windows—or Don't

Heavy window treatments are generally out of style, but the living room is where you can show off. This mix of loose shades and floor-to-ceiling drapes are simple but elegant.

The abundance of cloth in the curtains gives them a sophisticated look. They're not stylish, but the heavy folds and sagging ends indicate a high price. When needed, the shades block out light and give privacy.

You should always ask residential architect in Gurgaon when you don't know what to do. Contact The Sixth Element to get an idea of how a living room designed by a professional should look. It can also inspire you to experiment with new designs for your living room's layout, decor, and furnishings.

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