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Bedroom Rugs That Will Brighten Your Morning

By The Mind of An Architect | Agust 25, 2022 | Architecture

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A wide range of rug designs is available, making them a versatile decorating tool. They have the power to make or break the atmosphere in a room. Adding visual interest to your floor is as simple as layering rugs in different colors, patterns, and textures. Multiple rugs can be used for various purposes, from covering a large area to adding visual interest and depth to an otherwise flat floor.  

Here are some simple tips that will help you put this method of using rugs to spruce up your Interior designing in Gurgaon to good use.  

Rule of Thumb

Bedrooms come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and furniture configurations, so it can be challenging to determine what size of bedroom rug to buy and where to put it.  

When it comes to the first issue at hand, the bed being the room's primary focal point, the rug should be used to draw the eye to it. Put the rug under or next to the bed, and ensure it's the right size for the space. Use smaller accent rugs to demarcate areas like a sitting or vanity space if your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate them. Putting a large rug in the center of a room can throw the whole arrangement of furniture off.  

With a rug border of 18 to 24 inches, you'll have a comfortable surface to step on whenever you get in and out of bed. It's essential to ensure the rug covers the entire floor, including any benches or ottomans at the foot of the bed.  

Overlapping patterns

You can improve the look of a room by laying down a traditional Turkish kilim or Moroccan rug. To get started, find a plush Moroccan rug in a neutral color palette that is the right size for your room. Then, layer a colorful Turkish flat-weave on top. Putting a rug on top of another rug is a great way to draw attention to a bench, coffee table, chest, or any other piece of furniture you want to stand out.  

Put some life and texture into it

Rugs are an excellent way to inject some life into a room looking a little flat by adding color and pattern. Any room can benefit from adding color; something as simple as a rug can do the trick, whether it's bright and patterned or more subdued.  

Make a spot to touch down

Any bedroom can be made cozier by adding a large area rug, and that's all that's needed. A flat-weave accent rug placed atop the larger one provides additional softness underfoot and enhances the coziness of the bedside. Your rugs should be viewed as a piece of art that you want to admire but also serve a practical purpose in your home. You can take ideas from a good Architect in Gurgaon.  

Types of Rugs Suitable for Bedrooms and Their Designs

It's essential to find peace in one's bedroom. A quiet place to get away from the pressures of the outside world. For this reason, the most well-suited rugs for bedrooms give equal weight to practicality and the individuality of their owners. The bedroom is ideal for a plush, high-pile, or even shag rug as a private, low-traffic area. Rugs made of polypropylene or wool would be perfect here because they are long-lasting and plush underfoot.  

Create a contrast between your rug and the furniture and wall colors to liven up your space. For instance, a rug with a solid color or simple patterns will help bring attention to the bedding if you have patterned bedding. Consider getting a patterned rug to liven up a bedroom with solid-colored sheets.  

The Rug Pad Is a Must-Have!

It's easy to forget rug pads because they're out of sight. Even though it's just a pad, it can elevate an average rug to the level of excellence. Rug pads are commonly used to prevent rugs from sliding around on the floor, but they also serve several other purposes.  

A rug pad is necessary for any runner used at the foot of a bed, as you wouldn't want to get up and risk an injury from tripping over it  

Even though it's unlikely that a rug placed entirely under a bed will slip around too often, a high-quality felt-and-rubber rug pad can help keep the rug from bunching and add extra comfort and noise absorption to your sleeping environment.  

To find the ideal rug for your bedroom, you now have a solid basis for building. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to bedroom rugs. Bedrooms are private areas and should be decorated accordingly. Feel free to bend the rules occasionally. The Sixth Element is the place to find a new rug for your bedroom. The perfect rug can be found quickly on the internet, whether for the bedroom or another room.  

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