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Top 5 Innovative Mandir Design Ideas For Your Home

Top 5 Innovative Mandir Design Ideas For Your Home

By The Mind of An Architect | July15, 2022 | Architecture

Top 5 Innovative Mandir Design Ideas For Your Home

More people are spending time enhancing their emotional well-being today. It's a good idea to perform traditional poojas to get the best results. You can also work with a Delhi-based interior designer to create a personal mandir of your design. In our homes, the pooja room is a space where we can pray and commune with the divine. Possessing a pooja room in your house can infuse your living space with incredible energy.

To make the most of your new living space, you must complete the pooja room as bright and airy as possible. The unique mandir design for your home should be considered when planning your home's interior. A home architect in Delhi who will take care of everything and produce a beautiful interior is needed in this instance.

Art of Temple Design for the House of God

The design of a pooja ghar is unique to each individual, just like one's beliefs. As a location of quiet contemplation, it can also serve as a place to gather with others to pray as a group. As a result, your shrine room's design can express your tastes and preferences. Begin with an uncluttered location where your idol or place of meditation is the focal point. A pooja room can serve as the centerpiece of a home's religious observances for those who desire a more ornate setting.

A Temple Design for your Home's Temple Corner

In most urban Indian households, maximizing the limited floor space is a difficult task. In addition to finding space for everyone in the family and having enough living room space to welcome visitors, it may be tough to find room for a temple design in the home. However, if you're willing to think beyond the box, there's always an answer.

When designing a mandir or pooja room at home, a thoughtful approach is to place it in an unnoticed area. Using a glass-enclosed closet, you may even create a little mandir in the middle of a room—the new and fresh aesthetic of a modern temple design for your home. Good home design architects Delhi will be the best helper for your Mandir design.

Designing a Puja Ghar with the Right Materials

Create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in your home with the design of your temple. To help you connect to your faith, its interior design can integrate calming and soothing aspects. Your pooja room design will reflect this style using the proper materials and decor. To counterbalance your home's ornate or heavily decorated idols, employ a softer color scheme. When it comes to creating a peaceful environment, nothing beats white walls. Mable is a multipurpose stone that may be used on the floor, the wall, the table, or the mantle. It is cooling and illuminates the room.

Create a Pooja Room with a Room Divider

A room divider might provide some seclusion if your home temple is in a communal space used by regular visitors and guests. You can divide an area of the room while keeping the rest of the decor in line with the style you're going for. A theme for your house mandir might be created using etchings or stencil cuts on the screens that depict your idols. Natural light and ventilation can also enter the temple through cut-out patterns or slats in chamber separators. Find a good home design architect Delhi to give you the best idea for your Mandir design.

For the Home, a Wooden Mandir Design

Outdoors in nature, one gets a similar sense of serenity as one would at a temple. So, if you have the room, it makes perfect sense to match the two. Place your puja room or home temple closer to the outside if you have a large, independent house. Wood is a common material that can withstand the elements. Wooden pooja mandir designs are a fitting tribute to the outdoors for a place with a view of a garden, the ocean, or any other natural feature.

A Temporary Design for the God Room

Whether to honour the days of grief or a family celebration, the desire to have an in-home temple occasionally appears. If you don't have the time or resources to clear out a whole room, you might be able to improvise a temporary mandir. Poojas can be held in places often overlooked, such as the lobby, the staircase landing, or the corridors. Using curtains or cloth partitions instead of installing doors or purchasing room dividers and screens could be a simple method of segregating the mandir.

There are various things to consider when constructing your pooja ghar's interior. There should be ample room for everyone if you have a large group of relatives. Also, your mandir unit must-have storage space for all of your samagri, including shelves and drawers. Make sure that the location of your pooja room, the placement of idols, and the placement of diyas all adhere to Vastu principles. For any help you can contact THE SIXTH ELEMENT.

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