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Luxury residential interior design for your home

By The Mind of An Architect | September 11, 2022 | Architecture

Interior Designer in Delhi

You just bought a high-end home, and you can't wait to test your home interior design skills. But you'll rapidly conclude that you have no idea what to do or where to begin. There is no universally accepted definition of luxury decor because it is subjective. It might be a formal space with boiserie, crystal chandeliers, and thick drapes. A more plausible scenario is a high-end lounge with ultra-contemporary furnishings like linear sofas and accent chairs.  

Buying pricey furniture is only part of what goes into a high-end interior design. The goal is to design a home that complements your elegant way of life.  

Check out the tips for Luxury interior design that follows.

No to Clutter

All premium interiors commit minimalism, even if the details between rooms differ widely. You will notice that the open flow of the room is disrupted and damaged if there is a lot of clutter in the space. Identify the belongings you wish to carry from your previous residence and dispose of the remainder before deciding to relocate. If you clear the clutter from a room, it will look and feel larger.  

Manage your cables effectively for better electronic performance. Cables and game consoles that are plain to see will look out of place and sloppy. Furthermore, organization is the key, so create a spot for items like papers, mails, magazines, etc., that tend to accumulate. Put it in the trash or donate it if you can't remember why you kept it.  

Accept custom design

Luxury, according to many award-winning designers, is all about the details. Consider made-to-order options, such as upholstery, wall decor, and window coverings. The hallmark of a luxuriously appointed room is the incorporation of carefully curated, one-of-a-kind details that reflect the most acceptable design standards. As much as it is an opportunity to practice elegance and comfort, luxury interior design is also a means of self-expression.  

Top luxury interior designers always advise clients to add a few objects that express their personalities to a room in an attractive way. Whether you choose understated or eclectic decor, a single eye-catching accent piece may do wonders for the sense of individuality in a high-end room. Some possibilities include an odd sculpture or picture, a feature wall, or an offbeat light fixture.  

Proper illumination is essential.

Instead of investing in a traditional chandelier, try to splurge on a couple of chic modern light fixtures. On the other hand, if you're set on getting a chandelier, you can do it by installing a striking modern chandelier that fits in well. In addition, a large ornate mirror is highly recommended as it will reflect the room's natural light and serve as a stunning focal point.  

You should also draw attention to any exceptional features or particularly noteworthy parts of the work. 

Use Color and Texture

Gray and white have become the standard palette for creating chic, contemporary interiors. Luxury interior design doesn't need to be all black, white, or gray; instead, let your imagination run wild, and don't be afraid to use bold colors.  

A suitable alternative is the Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue. This color is soothing and uplifting, fostering feelings of confidence and closeness while being fresh and sophisticated. An appropriate complement to your plush interior. It's also helpful that blue is simple to use as a decorating accent.  

Mixing and matching textures also matter when decorating a luxurious room. Any materials, such as wood, velvet, feathers, metal, and leather, can significantly increase the room's texture. You can achieve the desired appearance by combining and contrasting colors.  

Windows Update

Elegant window treatments are a hallmark of a high-end design scheme. Ornate dress curtains and trim on the window sills will win your heart. Height can be added by installing the rail as close to the ceiling as feasible, which is ideal for taller windows.  

Make sure to have long swags or drapes to cover the windows. If you like a more minimal design and don't want to deal with curtains, consider installing window trimmings in a dark wood or charcoal tone.  

Explore Your Inspirations

Hedonism, inspiration, and the pursuit of excellence are luxury roots. This is the pinnacle of ease, the pinnacle of self-indulgence. Luxury interior design can be a source of continued vitality if you are already attuned to what gives you energy. Is there a Michelin-starred cook hiding in an old oven somewhere inside you? Then it makes sense to upgrade to a more luxurious kitchen.  

On the other hand, maybe you need some private time to recharge your batteries. And that's why it wouldn't make sense not to transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat. Follow your heart if you want to create a setting that makes you happy.  

Achieving your ideal luxury residential Interior design can seem impossible at first, but with these pointers as your guide, you'll be well on your way in no time. For further creative input and fashion advice, get in touch with the professionals at the sixth element.  

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