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The Process of Choosing the Best Architect for Getting Your Dream Home

By The Mind of An Architect | November 10, 2022 | Architecture

Home Interior Designer in Gurgaon

To build your dream home, you must work with the right architect. Many jokes that working with an architect is like meeting your life partner. In both cases, you will have a long-term relationship full of things you agree on and don't. Still, you end up making something together that is very important to you.  

Even without this comparison, it is well known that having a good relationship with the right architect is key to designing and building your dream home. The Sixth Element is known for this.  

Now that we know how vital the Architect in Gurgaon is for building a custom home let's figure out how to find the right one.  

Find out "what" you're building and "why" you're building it

Find out why you want to build a custom home and how many options it will need to meet your needs. Do you have a large family with people of different ages who need a lot of bedrooms and living spaces? Do you like to have people over often and want a big house? You may want to build a quiet place out in the woods. In any case, make a "wish list" for your home before you start talking to potential architects.  

Look through the Internet, books, and magazines to find your style. Finally, decide your development price range. Once you have these basic things, you'll be able to find architects who have worked on similar-sized projects before.  

Figure out what the architect needs to do for you

You might be looking for a home interior designer in Gurgaon who can do a lot of different kinds of design work. Many of our clients come to us looking for a complete package that includes permit and building drawings, interior design, furniture selection, landscape master planning, and so on.  

A company that uses a multi-disciplinary approach will be able to make it easy to move from one level of design to the next, resulting in a product that fits together nicely. Also, if you want someone to help you with the design and the building, look for companies that offer design-build or in-house construction management services.  

On the other hand, you might already have a good idea of what you need and need help getting a building permit. If you want to copy a design you've seen before or already have a rough set of plans, find an architect (or certified designer) who specialises in permit drawings. The turnaround time might also be faster, and the prices might decrease. On the other hand, this process doesn't always leave time for customisations or design changes that would make the house "custom" to you.  

Research, The Specialisation of an Architect

The job of an architect includes a wide range of different types of buildings. Even though all architects are "qualified" to design residential buildings, most may be best at something else. Schools, hospitals, and warehouses, for example, have to meet different requirements and go through a separate process to get a building permit than a custom home. Also, architects who usually work on more prominent buildings might be less interested in doing residential work.  

How to choose a good architect to help you build a house? Hire an architect with a lot of experience in residential design to ensure they know the building and building type and how to get through the necessary city processes.  

Review The Architect's Portfolio: How to Pick the Best One for Building a House

If you want to build a custom house, you've probably spent a lot of time driving around your neighbourhood, looking at pictures of houses, or reading about how to choose an Interior designer in gurgaon. You should be able to find a method that you like by now. Even though architects specialising in residential design can do many different things, most have a style they like.  

Get to know their proposal for architectural fees

Depending on the location, size, scope, and difficulty of the project, an architect's fees can be anywhere from 5% to 15% of the total cost of the building. Larger, more complex jobs will be priced as a percentage of the total construction cost, whereas smaller jobs may be billed hourly. Read through the proposal and figure out what's in it.  

Think about hiring more design services

In addition to their fees for architecture, some architects also offer services like interior design and landscape design. If you choose an architectural firm that provides a multi-disciplinary approach, you can save some money. The process will usually go more smoothly if one guide (like the architect) offers more services. Not only will you have to pay an architect, but you will also have to pay for project consultants like structural engineers, grading engineers, mechanical engineers, arborists, surveyors, and so on.  

Working with an architect to design and build your dream home is exciting. Research what you want to get out of the process and what you expect from the architect before you start. Ask your architect many questions, and make sure they do the same. Set up straightforward ways to talk to each other and be patient. The process is long but always worth it.  

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