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Tips To Spruce Up Your Rental Space:

by The Mind of An Architect | Apr 15, 2021 | Architecture

tips to spruce up your rental space

Besides being an idea, minimalism is a way of life distinguished by the desire for perfect order and impeccable design. In certain groups of society, minimalism has gained popularity, especially favored by creative minds and business people who prefer the combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty, and practicality. The best part about this style is that it allows you to express yourself without any goddy furniture. Minimalism style is your best bet if you want a design that speaks nothing but just simplicity.

Some of the minimalistic style tips:

Furniture- As per the house architect in Delhi, the design should be defined by a subtle form and supported by an emphasis on function and aesthetic appeal. The furniture must express its presence in the room that is harmonious with other elements in your space. Above all, the piece of furniture must be simple besides eye-catching.

Open space is another critical feature of a minimalistic design. The ceiling design should not feature the burden of the theme of the interior or be bulky. Above all, the complex design doesn't go hand in hand with the minimalistic concept as per home design architects Delhi. You consider painting the ceiling is to paint it in a light and soothing color.

Additionally, a fantastic option here is to use natural colors and avoid any patterns. Consider some options, including laminate, polymer coating, parquet, plain carpet, self-leveling floor, and ceramic granite tiles. The foundations for all the rooms should be different, and the bedroom must have the most comfortable look featuring a long nap carpet. You are most likely to get a space with positive and bright energy provided you have the right design as per modern house design architect Delhi.

Creative Ways to Enhance the rented space:

The one problem with the rental space is that you cannot end up making permanent changes because the landlord might not give the approval. Here are the primary tips of how you can enhance you’re the rented space, read one:

Spice the dull walls: What you can try is, simply go for removable wall papers. Currently in the home décor world, this is an ongoing trend. Removable wall papers are very easy to install and remove, and at the same time come with a perfect fit. One wallpaper can change the whole look of the room, and make the walls look more vibrant.

Maximize the storage: You can easily add on the shelves to increase the storage space, that you would require for a daily use. You can even add on the creative bookshelves that could help in spicing off the boring white walls. You could also make use of an old trunk to be used as coffee tables, as that could do wonders in case of the storage issues.

You can always accessorize your rented property, just like your own. Just remember, make use of only temporary items that can get easily installed and removed. Go with lavishes colours and prints.

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