Tips To Keep The Home Safe During This Pandemic

by The Mind of An Architect | May 25, 2021 | Architecture

keep the home safe during this pandemic

Cleaning has long been regarded as a taxing job by many. Just a few people, however, enjoy the pleasures and thrills of housecleaning. With the COVID-19 pandemic, however, cleaning and maintaining a healthy and sanitary environment has become a necessity. Not to mention how, due to the lockdowns and building codes, your helpers could not be able to come over and complete the task. So, in the event of a COVID-19 pandemic, how do you clean and sanitize your home? One of the most important lessons the COVID-19 virus has taught us is the importance of being aware of our surroundings and keeping them safe and sanitary. The same can be said for the confines of your modest abode. 

So, one important question is that during the pandemic, how do you keep your house safe and sanitary? 

Wash your Hands Regularly: Make it a house rule that everybody (including guests) must wash their hands immediately upon entering your home. To avoid using dirty hand towels, keep a roll of paper towels by the sink. 

At the entrance, take off your shoes: Consider all of the dirt and germs that collect on your shoes, and you'll never want to wear them inside your home again. You'll not only help to prevent the spread of germs and viruses, but you'll also save time and effort by keeping your floors clean. Keep your entryway tidy with a low-profile bench with cubby holes for each family member, or if space is limited, only a few baskets. 

Disinfect high-touch areas regularly: At least once a day, give any touched surfaces a fast wipe down. Doorknobs, handrails, light switches, refrigerator doors, faucets, and drawer handles, as well as regularly touched items like game consoles and remote controls, all fall under this category. 

Clear out your personal belongings: Germs and viruses love to hide in your water bottle, earphones, swipe cards, mobile phone, keys, lipstick, and everything else you touch several times a day. Wipe them off regularly or after they've been dealt by someone else. Since your mobile phone is one of the most common sources of germs, disinfecting it regularly is important. According to most mobile phone manufacturers, rest assured that disinfectant wipes are secure and will not damage your handset. 

Changing your Clothes can help: As soon as you get home, consider changing your cloth. To ensure the dirty clothes are properly laundered, keep them in a separate laundry bag and wash-down them as soon as possible. 

Maintain social distancing: Although in the entire country, there has been a partial lockdown which has been imposed, but it is very important to maintain proper social distancing. Firstly, avoid anybody from entering the house, but in case if there is an emergency and someone has to enter the house, make sure that the person who is entering the house is properly sanitizing their hands, wearing a mask.  

It is these little things which will make a huge difference, so make sure you follow each of them properly.  

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