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The Architecture of our Schools

by The Mind of An Architect | MARCH 2, 2021 | Architecture

The Architecture of our Schools

The Indian Education System is one of the largest in the world, with more than 1.5 million schools, which is home to 8.5 million teachers and  250 million children.

A school is a space that houses a large age group of students, children facing anxiety about separating from their parents to teenagers rebelling against the rules, while teachers making every day a fun-filled learning experience and maintaining a safe and peaceful decorum within.  With this variety of users, an architect and designer has to make sure to design an environment that supports the learning, maintains a calm atmosphere with all the spaces. The design of the schools adds to the experience of the students of learning, fun and discipline.

But what is the significance of a school design? The students learning in the schools today are the future, therefore, the environment in which they spend 130 hours for 5 days a week, has a significant influence on them. Our built environment has an impact on us, it shapes our thoughts and behaviour.  A rightly designed school can enhance the performance of students, their creative ability as well as physical wellbeing.

But, what should you take into account?

Firstly, when designing a school, the architect should keep in mind the motto of the education pedagogy, as they often get reflected in the built environment.  The campus of the prestigious school should uphold the values of the school’s philosophy. The educational excellence of a campus will be resonating with the functionality of the campus design. For instance, a school supporting physical activities should be designed for a variety of sports and the campus should be built that forces students to move around.

Secondly, our education system has changed over the years, from learning within the four walls of the classrooms, now, our education system forces the student to move out of their comfort zone, interact, take part in numerous activities. Therefore, a campus that has spaces for interaction, working together, hosting activities is crucial. With the new education system, our classrooms are beyond the four walls, and the entire campus is a learning environment and teaching becomes effortless.

Schools host a variety of users; teachers, students, and support staff, with varying age groups and functions. Therefore, it is vital to understand the design of spaces that cater to the need of diverse individuals . A design that is inclusive of the needs of the various users will create a sense of belonging to space. In a school, it is crucial for each one of the students and teachers to feel wanted, hence designing based on their requirements will help the users feel at home.

The design of a school is important for the future of our country, therefore it is beneficial to seek professional help.  Architects are experts in creating an environment that is a safe space for children, and teachers. And architect hence, not only will create the space that the authorities require but also will put in their own expertise and creativity to set a benchmark of the design. The Sixth Element resonates with the functionality of the school and aims to create a aspirational, educational institution for the future of our country.

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