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Residential Interior Design | Architects in Gurgaon

By The Mind of An Architect | September 04, 2022 | Architecture

Home Interior Design

Your home interior design dimensions, color scheme, preferred materials, and preferred style will all play a role in creating your custom furniture.  

For decades, traditional interior design principles have been meticulously woven into the fabric of modern design to increase its impact. Blending contemporary luxury with classic furnishings is a skill that, in our opinion, requires years of practice and a focus on aesthetic harmony. This style has many tiers, which gives the impression of great wealth.  

Top five suggestions for fusing modern and classic styles are as follows:

A mishmash of furniture:

Interiors with traditional furnishings have traditionally been seen as lavish due to the abundance of intricate handiwork. The attractiveness of a collection depends on how well its various parts are coordinated.  

  • Mixing classically-inspired furniture into a more modern setting is one way to get a modern traditional look.
  • The addition of gilding, a rounded seat, a tapering leg, or luxurious upholstery may transform drab furniture into something extraordinary.
  • Small touches from traditional design, such as twisted furniture legs, nail head details, and upholstery trimmings, can have a considerable impact.
  • You can combine a contemporary sofa with traditional accents by combining a modern coffee table with conventional accent tables.

Rich furniture:

Traditional fabrics such as silks, velvets, and pieces of cotton are often used in contemporary home decor projects for that extra dose of warmth and coziness. Rug with a classical design  

  • An oriental rug in a contemporary dining room or a carpet with classical motifs in a formal living room can add an exotic touch to the decor.
  • The intelligent use of textiles and fabrics creates opulent interiors.
  • Color and texture contrasts are pretty intriguing.
  • Utilizing classic plaid patterns in a single hue conveys an air of sleek modernity.

Decorations for the Wall:

Walls are blank slates that can be decorated in various ways, from paneling to wallpaper to simple molding. The walls of modern and classic luxury homes can be decorated in multiple ways to create an immersive environment. Various materials can be used to create an opulent atmosphere, from leather to the more conventional wood or stone panels.  

  • The stone and leather claddings at our Tatham villa project are accentuated with gold-toned metal strips.
  • Marbella property features intricate moldings that bring a classic aesthetic to an otherwise cutting-edge luxury residence.
  • Adding a touch of vintage allure to a contemporary setting is easy to make it feel cozier and more inviting.

Brilliant illumination:

Lighting is the best way to lend elegance and class to a classic or luxurious room. Lighting fixtures, from elaborate chandeliers to subtle wall sconces and hanging lamps, can help you give your home a classic sheen.  

Most of the high-end residences in our contemporary society are adorned with magnificent lights that honor a classical design in a modern setting. Using multiple types of lighting to build up to a majestic effect.  

Decorative extras with a lot of flourishes.

Items such as mirrors, artwork, carefully selected accessories, souvenirs, and mementos can do wonders for bringing a sense of history into a contemporary setting.  

  • You may find countless different kinds of ornaments, from crystal vases and spires to masks and animal sculptures.
  • Candlesticks and picture frames from yesteryear can be used to decorate a home in a more elegant and classic style.
  • They've made it our business to incorporate timeless designs into modern spaces by installing metal screens coated in gold.
  • A water feature, such as a small pond with floating flowers, is a warm and inviting addition to contemporary homes since it reminds us of familiar traditions.

Maintaining a sense of harmony and balance when fusing contemporary luxury with more classic touches is a great art that requires ongoing attention to detail. The goal is to build an elaborate and luxurious atmosphere within the space.  

The Sixth Element is one of the best home interior design companies in Gurgaon, and they specialize in creating modern homes with a nod to Indian culture. Skilled interior designers will work with you to learn about your preferences and lifestyle before making your space uniquely.  

Hanging the most eye-catching artifacts, you can discover from your preferred artistic era will give your home a contemporary feel. Look for pieces that include vibrant hues and graphic patterns. If you're going for a minimalist look, hanging a single massive item on the wall alone could be a good option. There is also the option of adorning your house with statuary. Put an enormous statue in the middle of your dining room table or your living room coffee table for immediate visual impact.  

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