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Luxury Interior Design Ideas Available in the New Year

by The Mind of An Architect | Dec 04, 2020 | Architecture

Italian Trulli

With a decade coming to an end, people’s thoughts and ideas about some interior designs are also changing. As of now, the trend is that every year a plethora of interior designers come up with different trends. Some of the trends from the past years include fur throws, massive funky, lower seating heights, shaggy rugs, etc. We can say that the new styles have dominated the market for quite a sometime now and the year looks splendid with all these designs. With the ever-changing trend, people are now willing to lead a sustainable life, so there is a shift in demand as people are now looking forward to more green options. For the past few years, these environmentally friendly styles are in trend. Besides this, more stone and wood has also been used.

Some of the interior designing styles to take over in the year:

Neutrals- Again this year, the calm and soothing hues of neutrals are going to be in trend. The neutral tones are timeless, and in any room, they bring a sense of serenity. The neutral shades include grey, beige, etc. If you are planning to revamp your house, then you can implement neutral colors for making furniture or painting walls.

Soothing colors– As per the latest trends, delicate shades are ruling the market, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose the neutral shades only. Well, you can, in fact, go for a combination of both stable and neutral shades, as this fusion will make your house look classy.

Geometric designs– For several years now, geometric patterns have been in trend, and we see no change for years to come. You can easily spot geometric patterns on different things like artifacts, lamps, tiles, etc. It is pretty easy to go overboard with them, but all we can say that geometric patterns are not going out of style anymore.

Metal interior designs– All over the new year, you can expect the fusion of metal designs to be in trend. The fusion of metals is most likely to include a mix of different metal elements such as silver with gold, metal with hardened steel, iron, and gold or bronze in a quiet room. You will ruin the stylish outlook of space if you blend multiple metals in a single room. You can hire architects or interior designers who can advise you with the best interior designs.

Velvet– no doubt velvet is just not for everyone, but one thing is for sure that velvet oozes royalty for the coming year. You can say that it is a hot trend. Some of the trending colors with velvet are burnt orange, browns, taupe, vibrant blues, etc.

Acrylic– All through time, the utilization of acrylic has been recurring.

Kitchen islands– they are one of the latest patterns, which have gained a lot of popularity all thanks to their multifunctionality. You can use it as both a cooking space and a personalized dining table.

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