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by The Mind of An Architect | MAR 6, 2020 | Architecture

Italian Trulli

Have you ever thought – what makes a building appealing and different from others?

We often overlook good architecture, and we often don’t think about the constituents that make it good. To us, sometimes it’s just another building.

However, Good Architecture enhances our daily lives in ways that we wouldn’t be able to necessarily predict or expect. The best buildings are the ones that enhance more productivity and uplift profits.

Put more simply, good architecture enhances the space and attracts more business.


An architect plays a vital role in all phases of architectural work including planning, designing and overseeing the construction. He is involved in new building designs, addenda, alterations, restorations, and conservations from the earliest stages right through to completion. An architect’s goal is always to match the client’s needs and to produce sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing and satisfying designs to his clients.

Italian Trulli

  • Control project from start to finish to ensure high quality, innovative and functional design while also keeping in mind the requirements of the client.
  • Identify the client’s needs and put together feasibility reports and design proposals
  • Develop new ideas keeping in mind the client’s needs, building’s usage and environmental impact that the project may cause.
  • Produce detailed blueprints to the client and make any necessary corrections.
  • Compile project specifications.
  • Keep it economical and ensure that all works are carried out to specific standards, building codes, guidelines, and regulations.
  • Make on-site visits to check on project status and make reports on the project.
  • Cooperate with construction professionals
  • Follow architectural trends and advancements.

Italian Trulli

Now let’s see how architects help us


The Best Architectural Design is one that will cause maximum economic flow at minimum cost.

This goes beyond aesthetic design. If you’re designing a building for a business, you’ll want to take into account traffic flow, as more traffic means more business.

Where will the building be located? What’s the business’s goal? What kind of traffic will they be getting? What will help drive traffic?

Even unanticipated things, such as the type of traffic and their movement patterns need to be taken into account.

You also have to keep the safety of the clients in mind when designing a building. This goes beyond government regulations. One of the elements of good architecture is designing a space that can provide clients comfort and safety.

A good architecture can accomplish this in a small, old space.


Imagine, would you like to live in an exterior of just four walls and a door? No, right.

Architects add art, creativity, and beauty to our day-to-day lives in ways that we never anticipate. They know how to design your favorite recess and give the building the best view.

In fact, areas with good architecture and design create a stronger and healthier neighborhood and business.


Never underestimate the power of good architecture. As it can fill your space with a sense of balance.

Designing a building is not an easy task.

An architect makes sure the building’s flow makes sense. They make sure your building is easy to move around.

Beyond the building itself, architecture and design can help bring stability to people’s lives.

Well-designed hospitals ensure that patients are treated quickly, well-designed schools create better learning environments and workplaces with good architecture experience higher productivity.

All of this contributes to a healthy day-to-day and work-life balance.


Architecture lets our milieu progress in a way that we can’t compel ourselves.

Without intelligent Design innovations, we would still be stuck with huts and clay houses in which we lived centuries ago!

Good architecture advances with time and encourages us to adopt a healthier and efficient lifestyle.

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