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Everything Your Children Will Love In Their Dream Space

By The Mind of An Architect | December 15, 2022 | Architecture

Interior Designing for Children

Growing minds need a place where they can play and have fun. It is a place that challenges their minds, piques their curiosity, and lets them unwind and calm down after a busy day. So kids' rooms can be about more than just bright colours and random cartoon characters. They should be about new thoughts and ideas. Plus, they should show how their personalities are changing. And, like any other space, they should be put together in a way that works well.  

Children have a lot to say about how they want their rooms to look, but remember that they have strong likes and dislikes that change quickly. Teenagers might know themselves better than younger people, but they also change. So it can be hard to figure out what the child wants. So here are some ideas of home interior design in Gurgaon for your kids' dream room that they will love.  

Think about what your child likes, and make a space that fits

Kids have very different personalities and interests, so if you want to make a perfect, unique space for yours, make a quick list of what they like the most. Is your kid interested in art? Set up the room with fun bins for art and painting supplies and hang an easel or chalkboard on the wall. Does your child like to read a lot? Make it a cosy place for kids to read by adding shelves for their favourite books and some comfy bean bags. Does your child love to move around? Make a space where they can jump on a mini-trampoline or throw bouncy balls. When the area is set up for what your child is interested in, it's sure to be a hit.  

Let your child help you decorate and set up for the party

Even little kids like to feel like they have some control over their lives, so why not let them choose how to set up and decorate their own space? Even if you can't give your child everything they want, you can let them choose colours and styles for things like canvas storage bins, throw pillows, rugs, wall decor, and more. Let them have a say if there is more than one way to set up your child's space.  

Use a mix of new and re-used things

You can still make an excellent place for kids even if you have little money. Try using a creative mix of new and repurposed items from around the house to give the room a fresh, welcoming feel. For example, if you have old curtains you don't use, you can put them up to divide a room or make a fun thing like a puppet theatre. Toys, games, and other items can be stored in extra baskets and bins. Give your kids extra blankets, pillows, or bedding so they can play fort, or sort random kitchen items so they can play cook. Buy new decorations, rugs, and other things to make the room feel fresh and new.  

Think about a theme for creative fun

If you need to learn how to make a great, original place for kids, think about giving it a fun theme. For example, you could set up a place for kids to play and relax with a beach theme by using colourful beach towels, bright decorations, and summer toys. Make a mini-movie room by hanging kids' movie posters and soft throw blankets on the wall. With black-and-white wall art and a racetrack rug, you can make a room look like a race car. To appeal to a child's love of nature, make a fun area with collections of rocks and shells, driftwood decorations, and Kids' National Geographic magazines. You can do anything you want. Just think about what your child is interested in and try to make a theme out of that.  

Make the room partly useful and partly fun

Make your child's space part fun and valuable by interior designing in Gurgaon to make it more appealing for them to do their schoolwork and homework. Set up a work area in their room, playroom, or somewhere else with a kid-sized desk or table and fun schools supplies like brightly coloured pencils and motivational posters for kids. Then, set up another part of the room for fun activities like music, building things, playing with dolls, or making crafts.  

Make it easy to clean the area

When kids have their own space, it can help them learn to take care of it. Encourage your child to keep their space clean and organised, and they will feel very proud of themselves. Make the setup as easy as possible to stay clean and manage to make this easier. Make sure there is a lot of space for toys and other things, and use innovative ways to organise, like ottomans with covers or storage benches that can do more than one thing. Give kids their kid-sized cleaning tools, like a mini broom and dust pin, microfiber cloth, or duster so they can clean up the area.  

It's not just one idea or theme that might work for your child but a thoughtful mix of the above. A lot of what you do depends on how old the child is. But remember that if you make things too age-specific, the child will outgrow them too quickly. So, don't be naive. Have fun at the same time! The Sixth Element can help you make your child's dream room.  

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