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Importance of Architecture

by The Mind of An Architect | Apr 15, 2021 | Architecture

importance of architecture

Architecture plays a huge role in setting up both the interiors and exteriors of the property. Be it an airport, commercial property or a residential property, to get a perfect looking area, one does require the help of professional and experienced architects, and this is where the role of Architect Consultant in Delhi comes into the picture. 

Creative ways to design a room:

When a child suffers from special orders, then the décor of the houses most likely poses some challenges that make it stressful for the child and other family members. Hence it is essential to create a secure and comfortable home that meets the requirements of the child. 

Tips for creating a room for special kids as per architect at Delhi:

  • Welcoming space- Firstly, you need to design a home that meets the condition of the child. All the passages of the house should be wheelchair accessible if the child uses a wheelchair. Ensure all the switches are at a lower level so your child can reach them easily. Also, you can use home automation and intelligent technology. By doing so, the fans and lights can switch off when a child leaves or enter any space. 
  • Childproof the home- Ensure the house is childproof, featuring rounded edges for the furniture. Consider using low height bed, so there are minimum chances of injury even when the child falls while sleeping. The floor can also feature good cushioning, as it is hygienic compared to tiles or vinyl floor.
  • Sunlight and Greenery- Some of the very usual steps which we overlook such as opening of the window, so that proper light could come or additional of plants inside the house does create a huge impact on the child, as the kid tends to have a calm nature. All one must do is, to make some very minor civil changes, just like lowering of the window’s sill height, so that the child can enjoy their share of outdoor views, even if they are in their room on their bed. 
  • Area to play: Children love playing and there Is no doubt it. Rather while children play, they learn far more practical knowledge, which they would otherwise acquire through theoretical books. Make sure that you dedicate a little space as ‘Play area’ for your little one. A play area should include a wall or a blackboard, that gives the accessibility to the child to scribble, write, color. One should also try and purchase toys that come along with lights, also get your hands on musical instruments, clays as this acts as a therapy to the children. 
  • Usage of colors: We tend to use any and every color, without realizing the strategy behind it. Color has a huge role to play in the child’s overall development. It is always a better idea to go with soothing colors, to match the décor of the house. Children who suffer from autism, prefer to see a little dull color such as pale pink. Even when you buy toys, make sure you buy them in some specified colors such as yellow or red as it helps in acting as a stimulation for the child’s brain. 

How can you upgrade your flooring without eradicating files?

  • Use vinyl flooring- They are available in the form of luxury vinyl flooring and traditional vinyl flooring. The best part about vinyl flooring is that they are waterproof, has a soft underfoot, and is installed on your current floor tiles. The architect consultant in Delhi says that they are available in different colors, patterns, and designs, making them look similar to wood or natural stone. But we don't advise you to use them outdoors or in the indoor areas that are exposed to sunlight.
  • Roll out rugs and carpets- Ideally, it is a strategic placement of furniture, rugs, and carpets as it can upgrade the look of the flooring immediately. You can consider carpet tiles for your kid's bedroom, where you can indeed mix and match a variety of hues. There are a plethora of carpets available out there which prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and dust mites in the rugs.
  • Opt for an Epoxy coating- A heat-resistant, moisture-resistant in the form of epoxy coating is used to improve the look of concrete flooring in both indoors and outdoor areas. One of the latest innovations is 3D epoxy flooring that creates specialized three-dimensional flooring effects so you can add fish, plants, etc.

Installation of the laminated wooden flooring – If you want a resemblance to the natural wood look, then laminated wooden flooring is the best for that. The laminated wooden flooring is manufactured using various layers of the synthetic materials and the top layer has a laminated finish. The laminated wooden flooring is very light in weight, easy to maintain and is available in multiple colours as well.

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