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Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

By The Mind of An Architect | May9, 2022 | Architecture

Bathroom interior designing in Delhi

Since you spend so much time in your bathroom, it should reflect your particular taste. There are several advantages to a contemporary bathroom design, including the absence of clutter and the sophistication of its creation.

Take a look at these bathroom makeover ideas and suggestions to get some inspiration.

A Bathtub That Stands on Its Own

If you have the room for a standalone tub, it is a must-have in a contemporary bathroom. If you're looking for an eye-catching centrepiece in your bathroom, a standalone tub is a way to go.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to modern bathtubs. Clean lines and smooth, narrow edges are the most critical design features to seek for. If you want a modern look, stay away from ornamentation such as pedestals, clawfoot tubs, and elaborate curves and features.

Faucets for bathtubs should be unadorned and straightforward. They can be wall- or floor-mounted if your tub is freestanding. Best interior designers in Delhi will help you for your bathroom designing.

Modern Mirrors and Light Fixtures

When it comes to bathroom tasks like shaving or applying makeup, mirrors and lighting must work together to offer an efficient solution. For a contemporary bathroom, geometric shapes and clean lines are a must.

Mirror in a Modern Bathroom

One of the new high-tech frameless models with integrated lighting is a terrific option for your vanity mirror. A backlit mirror is an excellent choice because it minimizes shadows around your face. There is no need for additional lighting surrounding the mirror with this option. It saves on floor space.

Choose a contemporary frame design and shape to get a more traditional mirror or medicine cabinet. If you want a modern-looking mirror, you can have one with or without a metal frame. Geometric shapes are a good fit for this project. Rectangles with straight or rounded edges are the most popular modern shapes nowadays.

Other options include asymmetrical, oval, and round. Again, you're looking for timeless silhouettes that aren't overly ornate.

If your bathroom mirror doesn't have built-in illumination, you'll need to purchase additional lighting for the vanity, the bath or shower, and the entire bathroom. Contact top interior designing firm in Delhi to create a gorgeous bathroom for you.

Lighting in contemporary

Sconce lighting can be installed above or on either side of the mirror in your bathroom vanity area. Choose a mirror that is 60 to 70 percent of the width of your bathroom vanity if you plan on putting sconces on each side to allow the mirror ample area to frame.

Lightbars in the shape of bars are popular in the modern design bathroom because of their clean lines. It can be installed either horizontally or vertically on either side of the mirror.

Recessed ceiling lights are also common in modern bathrooms. They can be used for general lighting as well as illuminating certain areas. Recessed lighting can be used in various ways, including over the toilet or in the shower stall. With these lights, you can brighten the entire bathroom by lining the perimeter of the ceiling.

Keep in mind the room's natural light while designing your bathroom lighting. Modern bathrooms benefit significantly from the addition of windows and skylights, which bring a sense of light and airiness.

Faucets and Fixtures in a Minimalist Style

The most important rule in creating a modern bathroom is to keep everything clean and simple. Keep your bathroom's overall motif in mind when choosing your faucets and other hardware, and resist the need to go overboard with the glitz. Look for simple faucets with clean lines and streamlined designs in your bathroom.

Choose faucets that are long-lasting and of high quality. In most cases, American Standard offers finishes resistant to scratches and tarnish, ensuring that your faucet looks excellent for years to come.

A Floating Vanity with a Floating Toilet

Floating vanities quickly transform a dated bathroom into something chic and modern. There is an illusion of additional space when wall-mounted vanities are used.

Floating vanities with storage drawers and counter space are a great choice. As long as the vanity has enough storage, even the tiniest bathrooms may feel opulent and spacious.

White gloss paint and light or dark wood tones are famous materials. Select a marble or quartz countertop that is free of streaks and has a thin layer of grout.

Toilets installed on the wall are another feature of the modern bathroom. Consider installing a floating toilet to keep things simple and clutter-free in small or large bathrooms.

Smal bathrooms can appear larger and more contemporary by eliminating the cistern on top and the pan's footprint.

Patterned Tile Shapes

Choosing geometric tile patterns for the bathroom's decor is a fantastic idea. Avoiding unnecessary frills and flourishes makes a room more visually attractive using simple, fascinating shapes and lines.

For a more contemporary look, consider using The Sixth Element to help you visualize your bathroom renovation plans. A modern bathroom can be yours after you've shopped around, discussed ideas with your partner or decorator, and saved both time and money.

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