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7 Sophisticated Co-working Spaces That Prove Office Culture Will Survive

By The Mind of An Architect | Apr 08, 2022 | Architecture

architecture office in gurgaon

If remotely working for the whole year & a half has taught the ambitious professionals anything, this's that some people- those in the less conservative fields- can also work from just about anywhere. Do punching away at the keys of the laptop from the comfort of a kitchen table/shift home office was the much-welcomed luxury at the starting of the pandemic; this's gotten a bit old, & plenty of people are also ready for the change of the scenery. Enter: the coworking spaces, which provide everything from in house cafes to dedicated rooms (quiet).

Although some cannot be aching to get back to an office, there's the element of productivity that appears with simply getting dressed & going somewhere- even if this's just for a few hours. Does not home feel even more special after returning from the long day away? Fortunately, working spaces are popping up in nearly every hard-working metropolis. The architecture office in Gurgaon is the best place for this.

A good working space is open & energetic, facilitating the exchange of ideas. Communicating and collaborating when expressing individual work issues could be far more productive in the coworking space than in the traditional office. Entrepreneurs generally prefer to begin their ventures in coworking spaces since they are very much cost-effective & permit them to focus on innovation and services. The co-working faces deliver multiple chances for entrepreneurs in business formation, development & networking.


Established in 2016, win stylish boost output in West Hollywood. This's the women-focused working space that provides way more than just super first Wi-Fi & business-class printers; there are some live events, networking opportunities and, beautiful spaces, & pumping rooms, to name a few of the advantages. 


Established in 2013 by Jamie Hodari & Justin Stewart, who had been close friends scenes they were toddlers, industriousness was born out of what would I consider the urgent importance of beautiful working spaces which failed as professional as the traditional office. Nowadays, industrial has more than a hundred areas. The heart of the working space is easily a shared space- complete with narrow tables, plush seating & the always hissing espresso bar- the industry understands that some Thrive in the quiet, that is why there are private offices & suites in every area.


Coworker, which launched in the year 2015, is an online marketplace of sorts for booking, discovering, & accessing coworking tight spots everywhere—these partners with nearly about 18500 coworking spaces in 174 countries across the five continents. Maximum spaces are even in the landmark buildings, such as the formal royal Bank of Canada, this now crew collective, and a cafe, the coworking spaces in new classical towers Which boost 22 floors. Nowadays, you can get the same things from a few architects in Gurgaon.


Real estate owner, operator, font manager, and developer Tishman Speyer's 13 location studios are equally Instagram-able. For example, on north Maple Drive, Beverly Hills' location is a white, bright, and open layout with floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed air vents & pipes, and the colorful mid-century-inspired furniture.


Neuehouse- with the "Neue." 

meaning new (German)- has entirely reimagined an ideal social environment for those working in design, arts, publishing, philanthropy, and entertainment. With three particular locations and three more outputs opening, Neuehouse is taking over a remote work scene, one cultural hub at a particular time.

Ease 1345

The swanky collaboration between David Rockwell of Rockwell groups & Ease hospitality is a coworking space Just below the central park, which feels more like a world-class hotel than a typical office. And a pronounced emphasis on a design it's equally glamorous & biophilic across the 18000 square of office conferencing & leisure amenities does not heart. This can be exclusive to making tenants & they are guests, but anyone can easily rent out the place for events, meetings, and conferences. You also could hire the best commercial architects near me.

Soho house

The famed members-only social club, which garnered international acclaim as soon as the 1st hub opened on Greek Street in 1995, at this current moment, has 30 houses in a whopping ten countries across Asia, North America, and Europe. Soho House & the Soho friends member can also add some new Soho works programs to their membership. In true Soho house fashion, the free workplace is appropriately outfitted in the collection of vintage & contemporary decor, entirely covered in buttery soft leather and on-trend cane / jewel-toned leather. Nowadays, Soho House is the best coworking space architect in Gurgaon.

Generally, those who opt into a new program can easily enjoy everything from lounge spaces & their desk of them with lockable storage to the private lofts for their entire team & the bespoke membership meant for at least fifteen people. You should check all the above benefits when hiring the best architecture office in Gurgaon.

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